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Highly customizable. Easy to manage.

A human-centric design methodology delivers superior results. Turn website visitors into customers, increase online sales, communicate brand identity, and connect socially with your ideal customer.


Beautifully-crafted visual designs ensure users have amazing experiences, keeping them coming back. The design approach is centered on delivering a user experience that is compelling, engaging and visually minimalistic, driving traffic flows to the pages and content most relevant for meeting conversion goals and improving the overall success of the website.


Site content is arranged to be visually engaging and compelling - focusing on desired click funnels and CTAs (Call To Actions) that speak directly and conversationally with your visitors and potential customers. Engagement is maximized with ease of use and browsing satisfaction soars.


Responsive web design allows a website to adapt, creating an optimal experience across all devices - a user desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The vital importance of this feature in today's technology-driven world means that every website developed by Maui Web Services utilizes responsive web design, modifying pixels to fit to every device.


Digital shopping solutions for growing online sales. A positive e-commerce experience relies on platform features that make your customers feel secure, at ease locating products, and satisfied with the purchasing process. Built-in customer review functionality and automated correspondence round out basic e-commerce services.


WordPress offers a scalable solution - it'll grow to match your business needs, particularly advantageous for small businesses and start-ups who need to plan for future growth but keep initial design costs within budget.


The WordPress CMS (Content Management System) is the most popular website management system in use on the web, with over 60 million websites utilizing the platform to deliver their content to the world. Keep the content on your site fresh without programming or coding knowledge. Maui Web offers custom-tailored training services to teach you and your team how to use the CMS.

User expectations for online experiences are at an all-time high – companies offering digital experiences that are intuitive, visually appealing, and optimized across web, tablet and mobile devices will reach more customers and advance business objectives.

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